Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Haji Gul Baran Khan Khilji

Haji Gul Baran Khan Khilji  گل باران خان خلجی

born( March 1930 ) is a businessman,building contractor, philanthropist and tycoon from city of Quetta,Pakistan.Gul Baran Khan, son of Muqarab Khilji was born on 01 march 1930. He did his schooling from Quetta . He was married to a Pathan yousafzai lady together they raised 8 sons and 2 daughtershe started his career as teacher and then he bought some land where he was producing lime in no time was the only producer of lime alongside his 2 sons Haji Gul hassan and Noorullah khan they own lime and hardware industry in the region. he performed 37 Hajj.his younger brother Habibullah Khilji was also famous contractor of Balochistan High Court. he was also known for best friend of famous indian actor kader khan

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